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Power to lead with Integrity nominated in the Business Empowerment category of the 2nd annual SA Heroes Award. To vote for Power to lead with Integrity, SMS Hero C5 to 45633, SMS costs R1.50

The Founder and Chairperson, Nontsikelelo ‘Ntsiki’ Ncoco is a seasoned Leadership Training and Development Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, Speaker and an MC in corporate & community development events.  She saw it fit to have this CSI, to join forces with the government, and to be the solution to our country’s challenges facing the citizens, and be the change we would love to see.

SMS Hero C5 to 45633

At ‘Power to Lead with Integrity ‘ we believe that leaders should be trained and coached to excel in their chosen fields and fulfil their purpose in their areas of expertise.  We have identified seven areas that are ‘key areas of influence in any society’.  We have chosen to be part of the solution to bring a positive change to our society, to partner with our government in the country by doing our part in training leaders to lead with integrity

Our strong belief is that everyone has got what it takes to break out of mediocrity, and excel into greatness and leave a legacy. We create a platform for leaders to receive not just a ‘Motivational Talk’ but also leave them with ‘Motivational Tools’ to run their race with confidence and to be coached by the ‘Achievers’ with personal experiences of how to overcome challenges and handle success and be role models.

Power to lead with Integrity’s mission is to provide a knowledge base from which women in the marketplace can draw inspirational testimonies and develop synergies to help them grow from mediocrity into greatness. We target to hold bi-annual leadership empowerment congresses, and quarterly seminars, where various issues relating to leaders in all seven areas of influence, are discussed to advance leadership with integrity in our country. 

They offer programmes that enable leaders to compete globally with Core-Values such as;
Integrity in Leadership 
Excellence in Performance
Diversity and Inclusion
Accountability & Commitment
Communication & Collaboration

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