Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture welcomes Masechaba Ndlovu


Radio personality Masechaba Ndlovu has been appointed as the spokesperson for the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture.  Making the big announcement on Thursday, the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture minister Nathi Mthethwa revealed on his Twitter page that Ndlovu would be joining his team and mentioned that she would play an integral part in “laying the foundation for greatness”.

Mthethwa followed this by listing some of Ndlovu’s achievements such as that she is has a “Pan African brand”, is a seasoned media practitioner and has been at the forefront of advocating truth & justice. Furthermore, he says that Ndlovu is a “dynamic trailblazer” who has an ” immense contribution towards the African media landscape” even calling her one of the “most influential women on the continent the department is looking forward to working with an “eminent and diligent leader“.

My newly-appointed Spokesperson is a dynamic trailblazer who has made an immense contribution to the African media landscape and is one of the most influential women on the continent. The Department looks forward to working with an eminent and diligent leader.