Young Philanthropist from Kagiso making his mark

Mr Teen Kagiso finalist, Kgauhelo Tlhone

Contributing to the growth and development of society doesn’t require much, but willingness and commitment. At only 18 years of age, Kgauhelo Tlhone, commonly known as, Kgauhelo Bailie is an incredible young man from Kagiso in the West Rand, who has dedicated his time to building his community.

From coordinating the Belt Up initiative to providing support, awareness and psychological services to his community, specifically to young boys that have been victims of sexual abuse. Bailie has also been involved in multiple donation drives with the Sis Bro’s Keeper initiative.

His contribution goes beyond community development, with the many leadership titles he holds at his current school; he fosters a safe and thriving learning environment for all students. Taking into account the nation’s alarming unemployment rates and lack of skills, it is encouraging to witness young people taking the leap into entrepreneurial ventures.

A small business owner himself, Bailie has come up with an innovative programme called, Independence Before Eighteen, to educate, empower and cultivate business acumen amongst the youth. This programme aids in the fight against unemployment and provides an alternative for those that cannot afford to pursue higher learning.

When he is not busy changing the world, he is a passionate debater, news anchor for Black Community Radio and director of his very own pageant, The Face of Azania.

Like most teenagers in this modern society, Bailie struggled with low self-esteem and confidence issues in the past. That is when he decided to put himself out there and face his fears. His official journey into pageantry began when he joined The Face of Black Community Radio 2019, from which he claimed the titles of second prince and Mr Public Choice. Being a part of that competition forced him to completely break out of his bubble and be more confident.

Now Bailie is running for the Mr Teen Kagiso title to gain more experience, build a broader network and of course, add to his impressive accolades.

“My journey through the Mr & Miss Teen Kagiso has given me a new perspective on life. I’ve learnt to effectively communicate and interact with people from different backgrounds. I’ve also grown as an individual I’m more confident now, passionate and quite driven,” said Bailie.

In senior year of high school, most people would turn away from too much extra-curricular activity in order to focus on their studies, but not him and just to show how brilliantly mature this young man is, he has managed to organize his life so neatly to accommodate all his activities. He strongly believes that if you truly love something you should make time for it, no matter how busy your daily schedule is ‒and that’s how he continues to achieve such great feats without a sweat.

Kgauhelo Tlhone’s collection of charity donations

Bailie adds, “Young people can benefit so much from pageants; from confidence, opportunities and amazing friendships ‒I’ve made so many friends from this! So, to all the aspirants out there, just know that pageantry is not easy, but if it’s something that you truly love then you should go for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re still a bit shy or unprepared, because if you don’t do it now, when will you? Do some introspection, give yourself some time and jump for it. After all there’s no better time than the present.”

However, it is no secret that most of the activities associated with pageants can be a bit costly, as contestants are expected to partake in charity drives, marketing and personal brand development. So, how did our young philanthropist manage?

“It honestly wasn’t easy, with all the travelling costs, donations and tickets sales, but I committed myself and worked really hard. My family has also supported me greatly through this journey and I’m very grateful.” he explains.

With the Mr & Miss Teen Kagiso competition coming to an end for the year, this brilliant young man is hopeful, excited and a little anxious. He plans to work even harder on building himself for greater competitions in the future and has already set his mind on the Mr Teen South Africa 2021 and hopefully, the Mr South Africa 2022.

The crowning of the Mr & Miss Teen Kagiso will be taking place at the Chief Mogale Hall this Saturday, 5th December 2020 at 1pm.

To get your ticket get in touch with Kgauhelo Bailie on his social media accounts or simply make your purchase at the door on the day of the event. 

Follow and connect with Kgauhelo on his social media accounts:

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By Tebogo J. Mphatswe