Ubuntu amongst our people


An elderly good samaritan, woman became the toast of the town following her good deed at a shopping centre as She noticed a woman who was queuing to buy school clothes at a clothing store.

Mary Anne Grobler had some urgent matters to attend to and was on the way to the bank. She passed by a Pep store and for some reason, the queue of shoppers caught her eye and she decided to enter the store. Mary Anne felt instinctively drawn to the third woman in the queue, who had a batch of school clothes for her children.

She then struck up a conversation with the lady and soon discovered that the mother was forced to forego the school shoes and socks due to a lack of affordability, she admitted to not being able to afford the shoes and socks, but she was left in disbelief when Mary Anne offered to pay for her items.

To put the cherry on top, Mary Anne also asked the woman to get a school bag and any other school supplies that she required. The good samaritan lady’s generosity did not end there and she did the exact same for two other people.

One of the grateful beneficiaries asked to take a photo with Mary Anne and the story has gone viral via the #ImStaying Facebook group.

Una Stoffels said
Those who do good to others, God bless them abundantly. God bless you for your kindness, and meeting the needs of those who have not got, bless you.

By: Bradley Brizzy
courtesy of Briefly