Reikantse Manaka publishes her 3rd book


The grade 9 Reikantse Manaka (15), launched her third book while addressing learners at the Eunice Primary school assembly on the importance of reading.

According to the talented Manaka, her new book, A snake in my school bag, is filled with quite a lot of adventures and lessons. “It is a true story I had heard about. But obviously, I added a few twists to make it interesting,” she said

Her journey started in 2014 when she was asked by her 3rd-grade teacher to write a paragraph, where she ended up writing a full A4 page. At the age of 10, she had already completed 10 stories. They were all published in her first book, High Ten for Reikantsein November 2014.

Manaka thinks reading is important as it develops your thoughts, gives you endless knowledge and keeps your mind active. “Reading books help us learn and understand. It makes us smarter, not to mention the knowledge, vocabulary and thinking skills we develop. Children can write books as they are full of ideas. I will be also launching books clubs later this year,” said Manaka.

It took the grade 9 learner six months to write the stories and another month for the graphic designing of the pictures. Some of her extramural activities include delivering motivational speeches at conferences and children’s gatherings and taking part in Science competitions.

According to her father, Teboho Manaka, they would read her bedtime stories from the age of 5. He described his daughter as open-minded, bubbly, kind, considerate and easy to get along with but at the same time very disciplined and a straight talker.

Manaka’s book can be bought from OmoOle Publisher. Contact 083-444-9437/083-418-6018.


Courtesy of: bloemfonteincourant