Mzansi applauds DJ Sbu as Mofaya expands its range


Hustling is never easy, sometimes one feels like they’re hitting rock bottom but at the end when you stay true to the hustle it will always have a lot of rewards in store for you.

Celebrated Entrepreneur, author, DJ, TV Host Dj Sbu has  extended his Mofaya Drinks family and has added a new range of carbonated soft drinks which comes in 12 great unique named flavours.

When availing the soft drink the Dj said he was aware of the sugar consumption worries that health experts might have in regards to the drinks “We’re currently working on your water we working on a healthier Mofaya drink for you we’re listening” said the Dj.

Making sure that the brand reaches its target market, Mofaya looks to make their way into different distribution platforms on existing wholesale and retail channels, ranks, spazashops and supermarkets nationwide. The Mofaya brand is also looking to allow different platforms of distribution to individuals.

‘This is a drink that celebrates you, you black person, because you need to celebrate yourself and be tired of drinking things whose origin you don’t even know,’ DJ Sbu said.

By Yami Nhlenyama