Mining for Education


It’s said that Education is the key to success, but unfortunately sometimes without the right guidance, it becomes difficult for one to get to that success.

Mining for education is a campaign started by Kgosi Mamogale in partnership with a mining company situated  around the Brits community aimed to support the youth that resides within the community of Brits, at high school level to ensure that learners have access to vital career information and resources that will support youth development and social responsibility in the area.

Choosing the correct career for yourself is very difficult especially when you don’t have guidance because one might end up dropping out and not further their education.

“Our intentions are to give access to these learners through career guidance and motivation and expose them to possibilities of becoming greater and not just look at generic jobs or government as the only employer,” said Gabriel Temudzan

Making sure that youth is vital because they are the future of South Africa and making sure that they are equipped with the right knowledge and understanding will help them further their studies, and also empower their community once they have received the right knowledge.

The mining for gold campaign aims to help empower the community and make sure that the youth knows about all the amazing career paths they could venture into once they complete their matric.

By: Yami Nhlenyama