Mark Anthony Esau bares all in ‘How Dance Saved My Life’

Mark Anthony Esau

New book tells story of survival against all adversity

Growing up in Apartheid South Africa in the 1970s, Mark Anthony Esau endured the lack of support and indifferences to the colored community in Johannesburg. He suffered the gradual disintegration of his small, loving family; job losses; abuse exacerbated by alcohol; and being lodged with a series of extended family members, some of whom used him as an in house domestic servant.

Fortunately, his resilience and determination lead him to start dancing in local ballroom dancing school run by two extraordinary dedicated and caring teachers. This was the start of a career in dance that saved him from an alternative life of more poverty and abuse.

For the first time in print, Mark Anthony Esau shares his life journey to the reading public with the release of “How Dance Saved My Life” (published by AuthorHouse UK).

A story of survival against all adversity, this memoir is told through a young boy’s eyes and gives a glimpse of the obstacles and hardships that he had faced. Here, Esau tells his personal story through his strong memories of the ups and downs — from poverty to the glittering stages where he performed, to surviving sexual abuse and overcoming a stutter.

Readers also get to meet the contrasting women who shaped his young life as he recalls about a complex aunt who made his life unbearable, and a kind ballroom dance teacher who believed in his talent. In the end, despite the fears and challenges, Esau finally finds happiness, love and fulfillment with his partner in London.

“How Dance Saved My Life” is a true journey of rags to riches in the sense of passion, self-worth and determination. By sharing his life story, the author hopes to inspire those who are going through the same difficulties and remind them that they can survive against the tide.

“Whoever you are, whatever difficulties life throws in your path you can overcome them,” Esau asserts. “Find someone to inspire you and believe in you, that you are not alone. Seek support from a teacher or family members you feel safe and trust.”

“How Dance Saved My Life”

By Mark Anthony Esau

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