Ivory Unite FM community radio station to be launched in Ivory Park

Natasha Mashaba founder and CEO of Ivory unite FM

Ivory Unite FM also know as IU FM is a radio station soon to be launched as a community radio station of Ivory Park in Midrand Johannesburg. It was foundered in February 2021.

Natasha Mashaba (Tasha) founder and CEO of IU FM is an undergraduate law student at UNICAF university of London and holds a degree in radio production. She is a co-founder and owner of courageous and indomitable motivation (CIM) as well as CEO and founder at Elite voices.

Tasha is the founder of courageous and indomitable motivation(CIM) and Elite voices

The radio station is a platform to bring change and to better the community. Townships mostly have few to no local radio stations which is a problem. Townships are often disadvantaged in having access to things such local radio stations.

there is a lot of potential in my community but also a lot of negativity. I saw that IU FM is the change and positivity that the community needs” said Tasha.

Not only is the radio station a platform for change but to also give hope to the community. It empowers the youth to do more with their lives and local musicians to promote their music on radio. Those who aspire to be presenters, producers or in any other role in radio can now get their first training within the community.

The station has brought so much dynamic change which includes shows that promote local music. It gives hope to the youth to keep on striving and follow their dreams. The station raises awareness on pressing issues within the community.

In the future we hope to bring more change since the vision is bigger than IU FM, Ivory unite TV and Ivory unite magazine” said Tasha.

Natasha Mashaba

Running a radio station has its own challenges some of which are finances reason being IU FM is a newly established radio station and it’s difficult to secure funding. The station will carry on being an online radio station up until funding and sponsorship is available.

Tasha said that “As a black girl child in the township starting a business like this you get discouraged by people. Women in entrepreneurship are suppressed making it even harder to succeed in the industry”

Till to date women don’t have it easy in the industry because of this it becomes very hard to succeed in such an environments.

Although it has not been easy for Tasha, she says it has been a wonderful journey and she gets to be a good influence and to do more in her community. Her work in the community is a blessing to her and the people around her. She does an amazing job.

She said “there are times where I felt like giving up or felt like I was failing the people around me but my colleagues motivated me and my community kept me going”

Ivory Unite FM is the change that the community of Ivory Park needs, it is the beginning of a new era of endless possibilities to the community as a whole.

“We believe that we are the change we want to see” said Natasha.

By Tinyiko Mashaba