17-year-old Sowetan beauty queen ready to take Asia


Katleho Cathy Mthenjane, a 17-year-old from Soweto who has just been recently admitted as a 1st-year student at the University of Cape Town, is the founder of the New Age Winnie Mandela NGO

Katlego has just been announced as one of the Face of Gauteng Radio 2020. The pageant is entrepreneurial and deals with female representation in leadership and that is what stood out for the beauty queen and the reason why she entered the pageant.

The journey with the pageant has truly been inspirational, looking at how as finalists we inspire each other to impact our communities differently and also how we respect each other I could say that it is a journey worth living for”, she said.

It is my very first pageant, and I made it as a finalist I’m very much excited and I have a lot of great plans, of course, starting with my new NGO, The New Age Winnie Mandela which is all about closing a gap in small communities solving educational constraint and far beyond and that I will be representing SA as a delegate in Asia Youth International Model United Nations 2020 and lastly, I will secure the crown by just leading by example showing females that everything is achievable only when we build each other“.

Cathy is one driven young lady, with a clear vision for her future , one to be reckoned with. She passed her Matric class of 2019, with 5 distinctions.

The advice I will always give is, trust the process, I think the young me needed so much confidence and hope to believe that dreams do actually come true through hard work and dedication. I’ve always been a visionary, I think I wouldn’t have changed anything about myself because everything I’ve done leads to who I am today of which I’m happy to be doing. I’d love to be remembered for always defying the odds and breaking the status quo in my community, country and globally.

To my fellow youth who aspire to get into pageantry, there’s no formula to success or being a pageant guru, it depends on how you carry yourself as a brand and basic principles such as ubuntu and good manners can take you far, lastly having the right network will always keep you winning – never doubt your capabilities and how far you can go“, she added.

Cathy will be hosting her first-ever conference on the 22nd of February 2020, one which promises nothing but educational, motivational and empowerment to all attendees.

By: Bradley Brizzy