Young businessman Kagiso Ezekiel Scandly shares his passion for plants

Kagiso Ezekiel Scandly

Plants are one with nature and as the world becomes more conscious people are drawn to nature

“Plant people are very warm and friendly. Plants represent nature and with the world becoming more conscious, people are drawn to nature”, says Kagiso Ezekiel Scandly.

Kagiso’s plant business was established in 2017 and the business goes by We Are Succulents & Shrubs Trading. His gift of nurturing and preserving plants was discovered at a young age when he would spend endless hours in the garden with his mother. He grew up in Dobsonville, Soweto.

“I had a very pleasant childhood” says Ezekiel. He is the only child to his mother even though they shared a 4 room home with his big extended family. “My mother hasn’t really influenced me in this journey. She was quite happy with me as a manager in a retail store” remembers Ezekiel. However later she saw his vision and became her son’s biggest promoter. “She promotes me to her clients and all her friend” Kagiso joyfully expresses himself.

We Are Succulents at Melville Market

“We trade on all social media platforms as @wearesucculents. People can order directly from there” he informs. In addition, Kagiso’s business has flourished in market spaces. Every Saturday the team can be found at Melville farmer market and every 1st Sunday of the month the business can be located at Locrate market and Victoria Yards. In these spaces where he interacts with different people he is also given the opportunity to educate about plants.

Just like the growth of people, plants go through a heightening process known as the dormant season which happens during autumn and winter. “It is not the prettiest period plant wise but the work done during this period yields beautiful growth in spring and summer time. Furthermore, Scandly recommends indigenous plants and says “these plants are more suited for the South African climate. They need less water, care and protection. A good example of such plants would be Agapanthus”.

People that love plants usually have the love run through their DNA and it could mean someone in their past generation shared the same love. “Either a grandmother or father was a plant lover or they recently made a realization by following the same path”. Kagiso has 15 years of customer service which helps the growth of the business. Generally, he gets positive feedback from people whether at the markets or online.

Plants are one with nature and as the world becomes more conscious people are drawn to nature. Therefore, people have become considerably more aware that herbs are equally good if not better in some instances alternatively to conventional medicine. “People have now started planting their own veggies. Some are greening their spaces and creating their little Eden” adds Kagiso.  

The lockdown saw an increase in indoor plants; it’s evident because We Are Succulents & Shrubs saw an increase in sales. “As people started adapting to the changes of working from home they got a different appreciation of their new spaces”, says Kagiso. According to a study from Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Washington State University plants indoors have many benefits and physically they contribute to cleaner, healthier air for people to breath, thus improving the well-being and comfort of all mankind. They make surroundings more pleasant and make people calmer.

Kagiso Ezekiel Scandly concludes by saying: “Even the best farmers have plants die on them. Don’t be discouraged. Before you know it, raising plants will be second nature and you will be richly rewarded by the beauty and the health benefits of having plants”.

By Sandra Lesenyeho