Thapelo Molomo Born to Perform


“Be consistent on your dreams, don’t hold back. Be humble and connect yourself with the right people. Be ready to learn.”

Thapelo Molomo is a versatile vocalist. Born, bred in the humble Diretsaneng Village of Mokopane in Limpopo.

His first audition on the new season of South Africa’s most loved show, IDOLS left viewers and the judges in awe – as they listened to Thapelo perform John legend and Common’s, Glory. The 29-year-old musician delivered a captivating performance with his baritone.

Thapelo passionately shares how he has always had a deep love for music but it was not until he joined the gospel group, Spirit of Praise in 2012 where the love plunged deeper and his music skills were honed.

“After joining Spirit of Praise, going through the process of the choir – I gained momentum and understood that I do have a gift.”

Idols SA season 18 is in full swing. After enduring the gruelling pressure of Theatre Week, Thapelo has definitely put in the work and he is now officially in the running to become the next chart-topping superstar in Mzansi.

Unlike the past seasons, this year’s hopefuls were cut from 32 to 12. With limited spots at the top, Mololo made every effort to impress as he fought for a life-changing opportunity to earn a spot. It’s safe to say that he rose to the occasion.

Thapelo Molomo

Speaking to SA POSITIVE NEWS, when asked what his highlight in the hit reality singing competition is thus far, Molomo said: “I have been too much dominated in the gospel side so basically, every day is just a beautiful experience.

I am discovering more things that I’m capable of doing. I was doing rap on Sunday, it came as shock to me because I didn’t know I was capable of doing that and people loved it. For me, the journey so far is the highlight, the critics that I get from the judges are building me, to invest even more in terms of executing the next performance. I am enjoying the entire process. Every day is a highlight for me.”

Being on the biggest talent show in the country comes with access to many great opportunities that can launch one into a career of their dreams. Thapelo shows great enthusiasm and says he is looking forward to the whole experience, learning more about the craft and learning from those who paved the way.

He describes himself as humble and dedicated, qualities he hopes will take him all the way to the end.

 Thapelo relishes being part of Idols SA, speaking of his game plan to make sure that he wins this year’s season, he says: “I will rehearse more and make sure I understand the song and the message it carries so I can deliver it with ease, I will listen to the judge’s critics. I will listen to the audience, the people that love and support me. Even though I won’t please everyone but I will make sure I look out for genuine pointers from the people that actually vote for you”.

“I will strive not to be personal about the comments and critics that I get so that I may be able to actually push and get to the top. That’s the attitude you need to portray as a winner. Allow yourself to be corrected, that’s what a winner does. Understand that you can’t please everyone, have a heart that is able to receive – in that way you are good to go.”

Thapelo gushes with gratitude towards the outpouring of love he has received from viewers since his first appearance on the show. His performance on the first live show this season cemented his star power and relevance in the hit reality singing competition.

“I’m a people’s person, I am a good listener. My character makes people to fall in love with me easily, like what Thembi Seete said after my performance on Sunday – That if she can be in my space she will just love me. Many people have been saying that about me and I will concur that it’s true because I am that type of a person, easy to be around and a good listener. Those aspects continuously push me to do better.”

 With great exuberance, he urges his fans to continue supporting and voting for him… “That’s all we need, votes more than anything”, he concluded.

 You may vote Thapelo via the Idols SA website –

Alternatively you can vote for him via SMS, all you have to do is, SMS the number 2 to 37400

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All SMSs are charged at R1,50 and free SMSs do not apply.

SA POSITIVE NEWS wishes Thapelo Molomo all the best in his Idols SA journey.

Idols SA season 18 airs on Mzansi Magic at 17:30 on Sundays.

By Sinenzolo Mondi – Nduku