SHAVA AFRIKA brings blazing sounds in their ‘Long Time Coming’ album

Shava Afrika

Over the years we’ve had a lot of music bands that has come together and have produced amazing music that to this day we dance to and appreciate. The different bands always come with a different approach to music and are influenced by different genres which they take and make their own unique sound. SHAVA AFRIKA is one of those bands whose music inspiration comes from different genres that have inspired them over the years.

‘SHAVA AFRIKA’ was formed in 2015; the band members are originally from Zimbabwe based in South Africa. They want their music to encourage people all over Africa and the world.

“It’s pretty difficult to bog us down but we promise that the music we make will always have truth, soul and rhythm to inspire our listeners to live life to the fullest and express love”, says lead vocalist Tinashe Chikawa.

The group has also been using their music platform to raise awareness and be a voice to the voiceless especially for those in Zimbabwe with the struggles that people have been going through. On their #NewMonthMusic they released a song called ‘Our Lives Matter’ highlighting the plight of Zimbabweans. “What we can do as musicians at times is give our point of view from a musical perspective” said Tinashe.

Even though the world is in the middle of a pandemic the band has been taking advantage of their online platforms and sharing their music with the world. SHAVA AFRIKA’s music has been received well and after the pandemic they look to take to the world and perform their music live for their supporters.

Listen to the group’s music here:


By Yami Nhlenyama