ROMO takes SA Music Industry by storm


Born and raised in the heart of Limpopo, Romo is an artist that is passionate and hardworking, completely focused on expressing his creativity through music, an artist on track to make an impact in the South African music industry with a goal to influence the South African music industry with his unique style, and bring about an impact to the youth of South Africa, With a vision to become a global household name.

With his unique Hip Hop and Pop sound, he offers a diverse experience with undeniable potential for mass appeal. His solo career began in 2014 when he began recording and performing his EP titled ‘Overflow’. He soon caught the attention of A2J records, a gospel focused record label and band from Cape Town.

After signing with A2J, Romo featured on various tours, performing in different countries including Botswana and Mozambique. He also featured on the Band’s EP, titled One Heart Beat, for which he co-wrote various songs.

This has led to a move from a traditional gospel sound to a more Hip Hop and Pop sound. As an independent artist, he has focused on building both a production and a marketing team. This has resulted in the birth of Kgenesi Entertainment, a record label founded by Romo and co-managed with Abrina Mbalati. Winner of the All Search talent competition , Botswana cross over concert .

With his unmatched desire for greatness and his unshakable commitment to revolutionize the African music industry, Romo can undoubtedly be best described as South Africa’s best kept secret. He released his single titled “Where are You” on the 23rd of August 2019 which has taken the south African Radios by storm being played in almost all the radio station in Gauteng as he continues with Radio Tour #whereAreYouTour as he has covered stations such as BMH Radio, Alex FM, Jozi FM, and with stations such Massiv Metro, Ikwekwezi FM, Cosmo FM to name a few.

ROMO: Where are you

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By: Bradley Brizzy