Mrs. SA 2022 Semi-Finalists Announced


Mrs. South Africa has announced their 2022 Semi-finalists, as the country emerges from the challenges of the last two years and into a season of hope.

The 2022 Semi-finalists were announced virtually on the Mrs. South Africa social media channels. The Class of 2022 attended a self-development two-day workshop held at Emperors Palace, to prepare them for the transformational journey ahead.

Mrs. South Africa is a journey based on pillars of Self-Development, Community Work, Networking, and Business. It has gained the reputation of connecting like-minded women and equipping them for success in all areas of their lives.

The platform celebrates authentic, relatable, and modern South African women. Mrs. South Africa recognises the value of marriage, and the essence of being a “Bonafide” woman.

The program was created for married women who would ordinarily not have such a platform to compete and be ambassadors for South Africa, on a global scale.

The opportunities and platform that have been created for Mrs. South Africa entrants are significant in every way, and it truly creates a ripple effect across our beautiful country. Throughout the journey, women discover themselves again, and learn that they are never too old to follow their dreams and become voices of change. 

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