Mlindo The Vocalist gives homeless singer a lifetime opportunity


Mlindo The Vocalist

Music is a universal element that has brought so many people together from different backgrounds, Cultures and parts of the world. Finding unique raw talent in this day and age has become rare but never difficult to spot when you find it in different places that you would never have looked for that talent for before.

Mlindo The vocalist took to the streets of twitter this past weekend in search of a talented young man named Martin was seen in a video singing in the streets of Johannesburg CBD and Braam and had been reportedly residing on the streets of Johannesburg.

Martin with DJ Sbu at Massiv Metro

Martin was finally found and little did he know that his life would change and a second chance to life was created for him to share his talent with the entire country and possibly the world soon enough. With the help of @NyikoTheGreat (on twitter) Martin was able to land himself a feature with one of the biggest production companies in South Africa Black Brain productions on their upcoming new TV series called the score. Martin will be composing the sound track for the series and will be featured in the next Mlindo the vocalist album.

Getting into the industry can be difficult and discouraging but having artists like Mlindo the Vocalist and Niyko shows how some in the industry are helping and encouraging new artists in their journeys and hoping that they too reach out and help other artists.

By Yami Nhlenyama