Lanceyahboy lights his way up into music lovers’ hearts


KERESE is the latest music offering from Lanceyahboy. “Kerese is a song about me meeting the woman of my dreams at an outing and as I prepare to approach her with confidence she says no, she’s about to leave. I then end up being alone amongst couples. In isiZulu they say ‘ubamb ikhandela’, so it definitely has a bit of humor to it.

Kerese is also a metaphor that says not everything that looks good might be good for you, so it might not be a bad thing to be alone.

Born in Vereeniging, Lanceyahboy cut his teeth in music while in high school, where he won the idols search completion.

Although he is a successful IT specialist, he knew from a very young age that he wanted to do music.

“IT and music is tough to juggle but I try to make time”.

Lanceyahboy hopes to one day work on collaboration with Costa Titch.

Kerese is available on all music platforms online 

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