Diep City Actor Tebogo Montana on juggling life


“Life usually gives you what you need and not what you want”

Having the best of both worlds is what most television stars dream of; Tebogo ‘Montana’ Bodiogelo on the other hand gets to live it all.

Growing up in the dusty roads of Snake Park, Soweto, Montana sought out to be the first of all things achievements in his family. The first to: matriculate, attend varsity, put his family’s name on our screens and the first to put his family name on a ballot paper, Montana is no stranger to appraisals.

With juggling his role in Diep City, an African Transformation Movement (ATM) ward leader, self-proclaimed community leader/activist who also happens to be a husband and father of three beautiful children at home, he still aspires to bring change to his life and the lives around him.

Montana’s introduction to our screens was with Ke Nako that aired in the early 2000s. “Having cameras and that five minutes of fame with people wanting a picture with you felt different and good” he added. He now plays a role of a council leader that reports to ‘Mgedeza’ who is one of the star casts in Diep City.

When many of us tend to quiver at the sight of tempts, a man of faith seeks a silver lining in the storm. Being a man rooted in faith, Montana searched for his silver lining after a life threatening accident he faced in 2012. The accident caused him to go through several operations on his knee and on his hip.

A passive encounter with a mentally disturbed man at Bree taxi rank who was running perfectly with his two feet while Tebogo needed crutches for assistance was the silver lining he needed. “If I was given an option to swap circumstances, it would definitely be a ‘Hell no’” he humorously said.

In just a period of three years in the community of Doornkop, Montana’s impact has widely spread and grown. With having to coordinate problem solving meetings within the community and initiating youth development programs, elders in the community also confide and seek out advice from him. “I’m embarking on becoming a formal community leader, I love being involved in helping grow our community” he said.

“Life usually gives you what you need and not what you want”, said Montana, sharing words of wisdom.

There are still a handful of good deeds to be witnessed from Montana.

By Lineo Khabele