Da M.O.G releases new single ‘Whole World’ from upcoming EP


Boipelo Molotsi, known as “Da M.O.G.” found comfort in the mic as he shared a part of his life in an intimate listening session of his upcoming E.P. titled “God First”.

Attended by friends, family and media practitioners alike, Da MOG staged a five-track performance in Randburg, Johannesburg and treated his fans to the launch of his new single, “Whole World”.

Whole World is a song that is instantly recognizable because it borrows the chorus from a popular Christian song of the same title that is celebrated across the globe. Harnessing the power of familiarity, Da MOG wanted people to connect to the track while opening up to a unique sound in the gospel space.

DA M.O.G performing at his single ‘Whole World’ launch

Under the umbrella of Gospel Rap, Da MOG uses a trap soul beat and catchy hooks to share his experiences with God as well as interpret the Bible in a way that modern listeners can relate to. Treading a fine line between rapping and preaching, this new age approach breathes contemporary life into the Word.

Naturally, it wasn’t too long before his mother and half the attendees were found on the makeshift dance floor wiling out to Christ.

The Whole World single is now available on all digital platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play.

About Da M.O.G

A storyteller; trap soul gospel artist and a reformed man, Bippolo Molotsi goes by a lot of titles but the one we will all soon remember him by is Da M.O.G. Da M.O.G. (Man of God) is Boipelo’s stage name that was inspired by a fellow soccer player in his younger years who always referred to him as “God’s right-hand man” for always bringing up Jesus in his conversations. Fast-forward a few years and Da M.O.G. catches Mbongeni Ngema’s eye during a special service performance. “He was actually there to check out the choir,” Da M.O.G. explains. “He later told me that it was my character that caught his attention.

I’m not entirely sure if he has heard my music before but I think he may have. He insisted it was my character that made him want to work with me.” Asked how he got into gospel music, Da M.O.G. explained that music is the vehicle he uses to express himself. “I’m actually a very quiet person,” he adds. “The music is a way of sharing my stories with people in a way that they can relate to. A way they understand.” The 23-year-old penned his first song from the E.P. just over a year ago. Coincidentally, that song happens to be his favourite from the six-track body of work he recently released. “It’s called I Live For Christ,” he mentions. “A friend of mine sent me a beat and asked me to write something to it. I like the fact that this song shows off my writing abilities, especially in the gospel space.” Gospel traditionally leans on the slower and more jazzier styles.

Trap, on the other hand, comprises of a different sound altogether. It represents a new wave and an emerging culture. The worlds of gospel and trap music are far apart but Da M.O.G. uses an unorthodox combination of these two genres to appeal to a rapidly evolving audience. Trap is the sound; Soul is the feeling and gospel is the story. “I enjoy listening to Trap Soul and other people do too,” he admits. Da M.O.G. does not want the content of his music to be limited by genre. It should appeal to as many people as possible.

The six tracks on the E.P. are:

1. God First

2. I Live For Christ

3. Whole World

4. So Much Power

5. Never Give Up

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