Claudine Makhetha on Healing the Nation

Claudine Makhetha

“There is no problem without a solution”

It’s often said that the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person. Mama Claudine Makhetha is a perfect example of the saying.

“Having been a professional nurse for 41 years I have discovered that I had the most impact in matters related to one on one engagements”, says Mama Claudine.

Her experience accompanied by her wisdom has made Makhetha bring healing to individual families physically, spiritual and psychologically. She does so by teaching on platforms such as radio and television. Mama Claudine has different facets depending on how she touches one’s life. She offers services of one on one counseling, seminars and advice on some TV and radio programs.

“I have speaking engagements lined up which are church women programs, couples programs together with my husband Dr. Jerry”. Mama Claudine has been married for 40 years to Dr Jerry and together they have five children who are completely different from one another.

The couple is inseparable both in counseling and seminars. Together they have influenced people whether it be on radio or TV and together minister in the area of love courtship, family life and marriage. The Makhetha family goes by the slogan: “The family that does things together”. Mam’ Claudine says “It’s been both a pleasure and a challenge to rear my own family.

During the 70’s black people were destined for two careers which were teaching and nursing. “I was conflicted between the two career choices” mam’ Claudine expresses. However she followed in her mother’s footsteps when she selected the nursing profession because she loves taking care of others.

Her mother and grandmother were lay community nurses, and were the go to people. “My mother always cared for her homeless adult cousins, who sought refuge at my home during the winter season and as one of the older children I would be tasked with accompanying them to the nearest clinic to treat possible infections”, she adds.

Mama Claudine Makhetha with her husband, legendary actor Dr. Jerry Mofokeng wa Makhetha

Mrs. Makhetha enjoys helping people so that they can help themselves and gives people the relevant tools to problem solve – even for the future. Programs such as the Pyjama parties are in place to assist people. Pyjama parties is a gathering of groups of friends, where there is a platform to talk for the whole night. There is no agenda but the program is guided by what participants want.

Mam’ Claudine has helped thousands of people over the years.” I get a lot of positive feedback from people I have helped, from even more than 10 years ago” she admits.  Some of these people she might never get to meet because she helped them through her media endeavors and some she barely remembers.

She currently has a slot on Radio 2000 every Monday at 10h15 called #AskMamaClaudine on Better Together with Ntombi Meso. In addition, she has also appeared on Lesedi FM, SA FM, Power FM, Massive Metro and many other community radios. She has featured as an advisor on several television shows, particularly in couple related programs such as Sfun’ukwazi, Nyan-Nyan, Mo and Phindi show and Chat room.

“Please shout when it hurts. There is no problem without a solution”, Mrs Makhetha concludes.

For bookings email or call 082 3196367.

By Sandra Lesenyeho