Businessman Lebohang Chiloane Runs Midrand

Run Midrand Entertainment and Run Midrand clothing line founder, Lebohang Chiloane

“Don’t follow anyone’s footstep, every man for himself, no one is going to get you where you want to be…”

Lebohang Chiloane is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of business and fashion.  Born and raised in Limpopo Phalaborwa deep in Namakgale, Chiloane is making a name for himself in the cut-throat world of business, and we are here for it!

The Mayor of Midrand as he is affectionately known is the founder of Run Midrand Entertainment and Run Midrand clothing line. Chiloane is also the founder and CEO of Phalas Recognition Awards – talk about a Jack of all trades and master of all.

SA POSITIVE NEWS got up close and personal with the business maestro – He poured his heart out, left us inspired and convinced that indeed “African child, it’s possible.”

Lebohang Chiloane’s childhood and road to success wasn’t smooth sailing at all.

“I had a car accident in 2012 just before I could graduate. I then lost confidence to go back, and I chose to join a leadership that forced me to move in to Midrand”, said Chiloane.

“I remember back in high school when my father passed away, my mother had to leave me with the house for months due to work commitments and I felt like the man of the house. I would host all types of parties every weekend.”

That was when his love for fashion and business was born and honed.

 “Everywhere I would go when I organize a party it used to be packed, you’d swear a celebrity was there – that’s when I decided to turn my hobbies into a professional job.”

 To date, Lebohang has a clothing line – Run Midrand, decor, sound, and stage hire services.

“My target market is people who need an event organizer to plan their celebrations or corporate events. Our clothing line is mostly street wear so we are for the people with style.”

Lebohang Chiloane

The brand Lebohang Chiloane has enjoyed enormous success – when SA POSITIVE NEWS asked: “What would you say was your big break – Where you really felt like you’re making your mark in the game?”, the Mayor of Midrand had this to say:

“When big brands like (African Bank, Capitec etc) started requesting for our services, believing in us and investing in what we do – that was definitely our big break.”

The world of fashion and business isn’t for the faint hearted, Lebohang is adamant that the hurdles, trials, and tribulations on the way to success keep him on his toes.

“Sabotage and hatred in this industry has been my lowlights, I nearly gave up.

My highlight was that I was able to host A listers like Phat Joe, Dr Malinga, Actors and some TV interviews – that was the biggest highlight.”

Lebohang wears quite a number of hats, but he prefers the Run Midrand one because he can’t walk anywhere around Midrand without being noticed- people stop him and ask about the breathtaking Run Midrand clothing line.

The mayor of Midrand is showing no signs of slowing down, he is currently venturing into Hip Hop artist management – he’s been managing a few DJs and Emcees.

What’s next for Lebohang? What can we Expect from him in the future?

“Becoming the Mayor of Run Midrand. A Run Midrand Movie is definitely in the pipeline. Also, the 3rd and 4th annual Phalaborwa Awards are fast approaching.”

Concluding this inspiring interview, Lebohang Chiloane’s final words are clear, crisp and straight to the point.

“Don’t follow anyone’s footsteps. Every man for himself. No one is going to get you where you want to be. Always pray to God for elevation. Stay away from negative energy. Sometimes it’s good to never announce your move. Pray every morning.”

What a giant! What a multifaceted powerhouse. Lebo the Mayor of Midrand – we see you. We applaud you!

By Sinenzolo Mondi – Nduku