Beauty of Art: Young Vaal artist follows his heart

20-year old Thabo Radebe is passionate about art

“My dream is to offer people in my community the skills that I have in make-up, drawing and photography”

A visual artist, make-up artist and a photographer makes his way up to pursue his dreams through art.

Thabo Radebe (20) never saw art as a career even though he has been interested in it since primary school, where he was more focused in drawing. 

Thabo got exposed to many things through art in high school when he joined Blah Blah Brothers Production which teaches youth acting, dancing, poetry, anything which involves art. But he had to stop all of that when he was in grade twelve (12) where he had to focus on his studies.

Thabo Radebe is also a make-up artist

Thabo takes photos in his church Judah House Tabernacle which upgraded his skills as a photographer and that’s when he decided to buy his own camera and other equpment and start taking photos apart from church.

“I have been a photographer for two years now and people love my work”, said Thabo. He was also nominated for “The Best Photographer in Vaal”.

“While I was in grade 12 I fell in love with make-up. I asked my friend for some assistance, since well she was studying beauty. I also did my research about different types of make-up, and we had only two sessions then I was good at it”.

Thabo Radebe

“My dream is to offer people in my community the skills that I have in make-up, drawing and photography. I have been holding tutoring classes for people who are interested and want to pursue their dreams through it”, Thabo added.

When Thabo started make-up he was discouraged by friends and family but still followed his heart, because art is his passion. He hopes that people always follow their hearts, never be discouraged and motivate themselves first.

By Nelly Phiri