Bathu, Adopt-a-School, Miss SA Make A Difference for Nelson Mandela International Day


July 18, 2022 has marked 13 years of Mandela Day. The United Nation officially declared this day an Annual International Day in 2009 November even though most groups started celebrating it in July 2009.

July 18 was Mandela’s birthday. The former South African President was a freedom fighter and a humanitarian who dedicated his life fighting for social justice for 67 years therefore one-minute of the 67 minutes stands for each year he dedicated towards fighting for justice.   

Mandela Day has become popular around the world and organisations; NGO’s and funders have dedicated a huge part of their budget and time towards impacting South Africa positively. Agile Capital and Adopt-a-school Foundation celebrated Mandela Day by contributing towards Qhobosheane Primary School in Diepkloof Soweto. They funded Qhobosheane Primary school with the aim of changing the future of education in the school.

Today, Adopt-a-school Foundation collaborated with South African sneaker brand, Bathu in a shoe campaign for the school to celebrate the foundations 20th anniversary. Bathu sponsored the school with 100 school shoes for learners that cannot afford a pair. Agile Capital is a key player in making this day a success for the school because they managed to bring all the funders together. 

Qhobosheane Primary School had the privilege to celebrate Mandela Day with volunteer activities from different participating organisations such as McDonald’s who have donated towards a vegetable garden, Dr Dira, who did eyesight testing for learners. Children found to have an eye problem will be sponsored with a pair of spectacles. Chairman’s Club, donated furniture for the library and 100 chairs for class rooms, while Miss South Africa 2022 finalists, volunteered at different points around the school to meet the days mandate.  

“Last year, I initiated a funding process for Qhobosheane Primary School library by approaching Adopt-a-school along with Agile Capital, to whom I pointed out that I needed the school’s library to be renovated”, says Mashiba Molefe, the school’s Principal. Mashiba was emotional on the turn of events, she never expected such a well-planned Mandela Day event to be celebrated at her school, all she asked for was a library but she got more than that. “Through a series of meetings initiated by Adopt-a-school, this is the outcome of a Mandela day I never anticipated,” emotionally expressed Molefe. In a proud moment, she also expressed that the school has become a smart school. The library has a smart board and a projector, which was installed in June, and today Chairman’s Club completed the library by furnishing it.

The day included minor renovations of Grade R facility classrooms, vegetable garden, library resourcing, packing of school shoes, eyesight testing, food distribution and financial literacy to learners, packing and distribution of food packs. 

 “I encourage school principals to keep improving their schools for a better learning environment for learners and initiate the process because these children are our future leaders therefore, let’s invest in them like Mandela did with South Africa”, concluded Molefe.

By Sandra Lesenyeho