A celebration of African Women


Mall of Africa in collaboration with GRIC Consulting opened its doors on August 09, 2022 to celebrate Women of Africa with the reveal of Mama Claudine’s book: I AM A WOMAN. The event hosted motivational speakers that shared inspirational words to South African women and men from all walks of life and different generations.

The book is about passing the baton between generations, it is about the unsung heroes of communities such as mothers, grandmothers, neighbours, teachers, colleagues, mentors, etc. Mama Claudine says: “it is high time that these women are consciously celebrated by being thanked and acknowledged whilst they’re still alive but not forget to commemorate those that have passed”. The book also highlights life experiences that demonstrates women’s resilience at the same time calling out institutionalized abuse.

The book has contributed significantly towards women’s month in a sense that it awakens women to the influence and guidance they already possess towards other women. Secondly, women do not have to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors because abuse has always hidden behind patriarchy.

The book seeks to call out social ills with the aim to conscientize someone who would not necessarily recognise abuse because of socialisation. Overall, it seeks to explain that we are our sisters’ keeper. 

For those that could not attend the event, they can look forward to the launch of the book on October 30, 2022 – the venue is yet to be announced. The book will also be available in several stores after the launch. In the meantime, for those that cannot wait any longer, pre-orders can be placed on 066 244 9117 and Mama Claudine’s social media.

The event left the attendees inspired and this is what some people had to say:

“Thank you, MOA, for such a powerful platform, bringing women together to celebrate women’s day and share their life experiences, nuggets of wisdom and empower each other”.

“As a young person navigating this thing called life, I am fully equipped with practical tools to journey boldly with courage and hope”.

“A befitting women’s day celebration. What a venue this was, the event was professionally done”.

Mama Claudine with her husband, actor Jerry Mofokeng wa Makhetha

The guest speakers where Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame, a teacher, inspirational speaker, mentor, gracious leader and author of Infinite Grace – A Miraculous Awakening. She is an award-winning leader and has played a leading role in broadcasting (SABC), publishing (Mac Millan Education), teaching (DHET) and examiner (IEB). Lulu Sheldene Masondo, who is a cancer survivor and philanthropic worker in hospitals. She spreads cancer prevention message throughout SA provinces through biking. Lerato Mthunzi, who is the first general secretary of Nurses Union YNITU. She has given the nursing profession its voice against being relegated to servant status. Ntombi Meso, a radio personality on Radio 2000. Her slot ‘Better Together’, received an award in 2021. Victor Lekoma, the owner of VO Funerals in Rustenburg, North West. Peggy Kupa, a pastor, educator and community worker. Letlhogonolo Maema, one of Mama Claudine’s mentees, a philanthropist and entrepreneur. Lastly, Nqobile Nkosi, a professional nurse who worked herself up until the high ranks of the SRC while in college. 

Mama Claudine who was also one of the speakers concluded by saying “the present generation should not suffer in silence – there are many women who are willing to pass on the baton of life. Let us learn to embrace challenges and not see them as a punishment. There is always a way out and help is a conversation away”.

By Sandra Lesenyeho