SA artists reveal inspiration behind latest tracks


Apple Music “Song Stories” is a new short-form video series that deep dives into the creative process, inspirations and challenges faced by some of the country’s leading artists Amanda Black, Ami Faku, Elaine, Nasty C and Sha Sha.

It offers a glimpse into what it takes to be the artists they are today and include them sharing specific tales behind their tracks.

First up is Amanda Black, with songs ranging from the melancholic and introspective, to the more upbeat and celebratory, we find out more about what has made her such a creative force and sought-after multi-nominated platinum vocalist.  Her most recent track is“Afrika”, featuring Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold.

Since the release of her well-acclaimed first single titled “Amazulu”, she has gone from strength to strength, and with “Afrika” she expresses her pride in being an African woman. In the past she has spoken about how so much of her creative process was linked
to her insecurities regarding her Xhosa heritage and growing up feeling uncomfortable in her own skin.

This insecurity initially drove her to predominantly speak in English rather than her home-language, IsiXhosa. Discovering poetry led her to an immense appreciation of her roots.

The track “Afrika” reveals the extent of her pride in her culture and speaks about the importance and relevance of racial diversity. This is the reason behind her choice of “Black” as a stage name. Her mother played a hugely influential role in her life, teaching her a sense of dignity in her land, her people and her gifts as a musician.

 In “Afrika” she refers to her with great pride as an “African queen like no other”. “Afrika” is an ode to “respect”, power and grace”, the future and her motherland.

Over the next few weeks, Apple Music Song Stories will explore the work
of Nasty C, Ami Faku, ShaSha and Elaine.