Sarah Langa Mackay rubbing shoulders with David Beckham

Sarah Langa Mackay with David Beckham

Fashion and beauty influencer Sarah took to her Instagram to show some videos and images from the exclusive Haig club beach party hosted in Scotland by the legendary soccer player David Beckham.

Adventure awaits with my #HaigClubSA family as witness breathtaking views and scenery that Scotland has to offer! My adventurous spirit has been activated by @HaigClub once more!

Fyi @xx_niquita_xx and I are keeping calm, but inside we’re dying

#MakeYourOwnRules” @Sarahlanga

Model & Influencer Sarah Langa Mckay living it up in Scotland

Her first post as she revealed to the followers of her arrival in the country. Following that she revealed having dinner at the Blytheswood hotel in Kampton, we on to tour the tourist popular sights of Scotland, she also went to the Haig Club distillery where the whiskey is made.

She then posted on her Insta-stories showing the beauty was invited to the exclusive dinner beach party hosted by the legendary superstar, David Beckham, and Haig Club. On her insta-story, she is seen standing next to the international soccer player with both of them laughing.

In her caption, she said “A once in a lifetime experience! An intimate beach party hosted by David Beckham which I surely will never forget! It’s safe to say that we had ourselves too much fun!” Great Times”.

By: Bradley Brizzy