Miss Teen Social Entrepreneur SA 2019 to launch her own business


“Real sustainable success takes time, make the foundation strong” Miss Teen Social Entrepreneur SA 2019

18-year-old Ipeleng Malebo says that for one to make it, you will have to be authentic, understand growth and time and not instant gratification, don’t be fooled to what seems to be true.

Growing up she has always had a burning desire to be in business, “entrepreneurship spirit” she calls it and as a result, she found herself searching for youth entrepreneurship programmes, that’s how she found Miss Teen Social Entrepreneur SA and signed up.

Miss Teen Social Entrepreneur SA is a Female Youth Empowerment & Entrepreneurship program. Designed to identify young women in the community which epitomise the key qualities of leadership, talent, motivation and the celebration of inner beauty, individuality, diversity and womanhood. It is not a beauty pageant but centred around young girls in High Schools who are eager to make a tangible difference while creating awareness around social responsibility as well as developing social entrepreneurship skills. Building an ecosystem of future female entrepreneurs, focused on providing a platform where all young women can gain the confidence, knowledge, skills and tools to create their own sustainable businesses while making a positive social impact. These young women are ambassadors for their schools, communities, SA & the rest of the world.

The journey was a learning curve and self-discovery, I experienced things I never Ipeleng would take herself there. I’m not going to lie that it was all fresh cream and strawberries, there were hard times where I had to balance my school and reign but wow I grew, I can say I’m on the path of success I’m heading where God wants me to be. I created my own teenage dream

Ipeleng believes that this is only the beginning as the plan is to use her reign to open more doors and opportunities for herself; “

my goal for 2020 is to launch my own business and grow on my radio career, of which I m currently a radio presenter at Azania Radio. I am building the start of them and this is the year of growth to prosper in the year 2021, building a generational legacy of Ipeleng Malebo, building an empire at 18.

By: Bradley Brizzy