More Secrets and Betrayals Coming on Season 2 of My Brother’s Keeper


More Secrets and Betrayals in the Shabalala Family Coming in Season 2 of Mzansi Magic’s My Brother’s Keeper.

If viewers thought Season 1 of My Brother’s Keeper provided some “What? Are you serious???” moments, a brand-new chapter is about to unfold as Mshengu and the gang return for more jaw-dropping episodes in season 2, premiering on Monday 22 April on Mzansi Magic.

Every family has secrets and family members who are all about self-preservation, and that couldn’t be truer than the Shabalala family. When viewers were first introduced to the family, it was plagued by scandals from the get-go, including the death of two sons (one by the father’s hand), ukungenwa of one of the wives, infidelity, hostage drama and ultimately a not-so-happy wedding.

In season 2, Donga, the son who hasn’t played an active role in the family business, ShabaSnacks, locks horns with his father, as he is drawn and forced to intervene and try to save the family business before it falls.  That in turn makes Donga a formidable threat to the power balance in the family as it seems he is the only one that has the power and currency to do so. What of Nqubeko and his dream to be at the helm of ShabaSnacks and does he remain ivezandlebe as he has always been referred to by the man, he calls uBaba?

On the other hand, Mshengu is exposed by Nqubeko that he was the one who pulled the plug on Khwezi’s life support at the start of the series. All this, because he found out Mshengu was behind the collapse of his venture to start his own business away from his father’s grip.

And of course, Fakazile, ‘the angry makoti’ will be turning the tables on the family, challenging some of the preserved cultural practices which will send Mshengu into a tailspin. Not only her, the other makotis are also up to something and individually taking a stand to assert a certain level of independence within the family. But how do they do it and is it in the best interest of the Shabalalas or is it self-serving?

Season 2 is coming with many twists that will keep you guessing, and it promises to take viewers and fans on a drama-filled journey.

Make sure to tune in to My Brother’s Keeper S2 premiering on Mzansi Magic DStv Channel 161 on Monday 22 April at 19:30. You can also stream Season 1 on DStv Stream anywhere.

By Sinenzolo Mondi – Nduku