Limpopo’s Ndiafhi talks new music & role as Uganda’s State of African Diaspora Ambassador


Ndiafhi Mavis Mashwana better known to fans as Ndiafhi The Worshipper has just released the State of African Diaspora (SOAD) anthem. After being commissioned to record the official anthem she was then made roving SOAD ambassador for Uganda.

Born and raised in the Limpopo township of Makwarela based in the Vhmebe district, Ndiafhi attributes her love for music to her church choir. After singing in the choir for a few years she was caught in a recording studio backing up a fellow artist’ album.

“As SOAD ambassador for Uganda my role is to make connections and communicate with the officials of that country, I’m expected to look at the needs of the country and identify projects that can meet those needs. For example in Uganda which has a high youth populations, as SOAD ambassador for that country one need to identify projects that would develop and equip the youth”, Ndiafhi shares.

“We identify any need we see in communities, present projects to address it to Diaspora for funding and implement once approved”.

“This is a great opportunity for me – it has opened me up to different African cultures, I’m learning a lot”.

On the music front Ndiafhi has performed throughout the country at various festivals, parties and is embarking on a radio tour to promote her latest album and the SOAD anthem.

Led by Prime Minister Dr. Louis-Georges Tin, the SOAD was established in 2018 and celebrated the First International Day of the African Diaspora on July 1st 2020.

She is on the rise in the industry and will be a force to be reckoned with in the next few years.