It’s all systems go for this year’s Soweto International Film Festival


As a story teller getting your work onto different platforms can be at times difficult. Entering a film festival can be nerve racking at times because you don’t know how certain people will respond to your work. 

The festivals have helped to create platforms for creators to showcase their work and get more people involved in helping you create more stories.  

Soweto is a township with many characters and stories that are told by different people in different ways every day. This township hosts the Soweto film festival, an international film festival that creates a platform and appreciates stories that are told and made within Soweto in hopes of opening up the industry for more creatives.

“The film festival is part of a bigger Soweto expo that includes food & beverage, notion building awards and more which has been around for 37, but the film festival is still a  young growing platform ” said Nonkululeko .

The more the film festival grows the more the creatives will have more platforms to showcase their work and also build a community amongst each other to tell more undiscovered stories. The festival looks to a bigger platform, classes and budget to Soweto story tellers.

By Yami Nhlenyama