Bonang Matheba took over Equanimity Awards


Jet-setter Bonang Matheba was in Dallas, Texas in the US hosting the Equanimity Awards and of course, homegirl brought her best foot forward. 

(Bonang Matheba at the Equanimity Awards )

This past weekend, Bonang Matheba hosted the Equanimity Awards, an annual star-studded charitable community event held in Dallas, Texas, USA.

The Equanimity Awards honors individuals in various categories such as entrepreneur, community achievement, humanitarian, excellence, visionary, breakthrough, leadership and more.

Proceeds of the event to benefit the JB Dondolo, Inc, a non-profit organization aimed at providing charitable services worldwide to impoverished communities with a focus on people who cannot afford simple, basic necessities.

Queen B went on to say “excited to be part of an event that works so hard to change people’s lives for the better. It is important to recognize these efforts. Together we all can contribute to making a real difference in the world.

 Judging from her insta stories, Queen B’s US adventure isn’t over just yet – she’s currently in the City of Dreams, Los Angeles.

By: Bradley Brizzy