Bonang Matheba set to open a school in Soweto

Bonang Matheba

“My late grandmother used to live in Soweto hence I want the school there”

Recently nominated at the E people’s Choice Awards as the African Influencer, Bonang Matheba is set to open a primary school in Soweto, all in attempt to create better learning space and future opportunities for the girl child. 

A girl from Mahikeng who had a dream, who is now a Queen of her own empire through media from owning her own Champagne brand, to a trending reality show, recently bagged an international nomination; still finds it in herself to give towards others well-being. 

Queen B is nominated for African Influencer of 2019

Bonang popularly known as Queen B shared with her B force on twitter that she was certain of her dream to build a school, back in June, “I’ve always wanted to build a school. Seems like it’s actually gonna happen”.

She feels that it is within the country’s duty to have every girl child equipped with education. 

“My late grandmother used to live in Soweto hence I want the school there. I am very fond of that place because she lived there.”

Her reason behind having a primary school built is that she had always dreamed of becoming a teacher, but the media world called her instead.

“I am surrounded by a lot of teachers. My one aunty is a primary school teacher, my mother is a former teacher and my father is a lecturer at the University of Limpopo.”

She added on what type of a school she is looking to build as she said,

“It will be a private school but open to the public where no one will have to pay. It will be a community-driven school where community people will get to work at the school as well as mothers in the area.”

Moghel also explained that she had set a target for herself to put 300 girls through school before 2030, via her bursary fund.

“I’ve taken in ten girls this year because everyone else has graduated. I just want to find ways of how I can be a champion for somebody else. That means a lot to me.”