Boxing legend, Arthur Mayisela’s legacy preserved

Boxing legend Arthur Mayisela vs Harold Volbrecht

Steve says he is working on preserving the legacy of his father, Arthur Mayisela and encouraging people to consider boxing as a form of exercising.

Born of a Soweto boxing legend, Arthur Mayisela; Steve Mayisela is aiming to preserve his father’s legacy by renaming the rehabilitation centre in Protea Glen called “Shape Up Fitness” after his father.

The propelling factor towards this vision stems from Mayisela’s passion and love for boxing as he seeks to popularise the sport, not only as an exclusive to people who want to train for boxing but to be considered as a form of exercising due to health benefits it provides such as sustained strength, speed, improved stamina and coordination.

“Boxing is known worldwide as the best form of training, so I want to encourage people to try the format training of boxing because it ensures and guarantees better results than the conventional way of training”, demands Mayisela.

He says the main reason why he is in the fitness industry is to carry the legacy of his father and would like to grow the brand nationally as his father was well known throughout the country during his boxing days.

“The gyms are known as Shape up Fitness and now we are changing them to the Mayisela brand because we are trying to change the world and keeping the legacy of Arthur Mayisela”.

“Currently we have three gyms, there’s one in Meadowland, Zondi and the other one here in Protea”.

Mayisela started this gym business in 2004 with other partners who eventually parted ways leaving him to manage the place alone.

Steve Mayisela wants to preserve his father’s legacy

“I am the only one left now left who is running the brand, I want to bring back boxing to the community as a form of training. I am planning on installing a fully equipped boxing work out programme. Once I’ve done those particular installations and upgrades, then I will officially launch the Mayisela brand” Mayisela adds.

“The official launch is anticipated to take place later this year at the now phasing out fitness centre “Shape Up Fitness” in Protea Glen.

Mayisela urges people to consider boxing as a form of training and shy away from the mentality that it is only designed for boxers because it is not, and this rebranding to Arthur Mayisela Wellness and Rehabilitation Club seeks to deliver that and encourage people to stay fit and healthy.

 Mayisela says the club ensures to deliver the best training programme that will, in turn, provide good health benefits and excelling enhancement of boxing skills.

By Lwando Mqokweni