Young Entrepreneur Brings Light to Ivory Park Matriculants

Founder of Tshepiso Malema Speaks initiative and matric motivational drive

Tshepiso Malema, the young entrepreneur and founder of Tshepiso Malema Speaks initiative and matric motivational drive is making moves in Ivory Park Township.

19-year-old Malema from Ivory Park started this initiative and the matric drive to uplift the Ivory Park community. The matric drive is a campaign aimed to help matriculants to bridge the high school to varsity transition. It offers motivation, help with online applications, career guidance, inspirational talks with mentors and peers.

It was founded in 2020, “I started the campaign because I realized that we were demotivated as the matric class of 2020″ said Tshepiso.

The initiative has impacted over 2000 matriculants over the past year with 3 schools visited and counting. Alongside his dedicated team from the TMS the matric drive continues to grow.

The campaign is of great help to the matriculants of Ivory Park by bringing in inspiration in the difficult times of the matric year and transition from high school to varsity.

Said Tshepiso, “We plan to collaborate with universities and corporate sponsors to be able to provide bursaries to learners who wish to further their studies”

Tshepiso Malema Speaks Initiative will continue to inspire, give hope, grow and encourage young people all around.

By Tinyiko Mashaba