Us The People launches election manifesto in Soweto


By Thato Mofokeng

Us The People, a political organisation founded on the 25th January 2020 in Braamfontein , held a campaign at Dobsonville Soweto.

It is brought together by a team of brave activists, students, workers and those who want to make an impact within a stateless society.

The Local Government Elections Manifesto for Us The People presents policies and programs that need to be implemented for the people through self-governance, self-reliance and retaining Human Rights, having the right to oppose and question the state should their required services be not met.

“First and foremost, our government has sold us a dream of freedom, a free country where we are protected by the constitution. We need the people to understand that they have no freedom. Your own government wants you to be dependent on the Covid-19 relief grant and yet you are limited as to how and when you spend your money,” stated the President of Us The People, Mokwena waMathole Mathole.

He continued to say that,” the state sucks blood from us the poor, people buy electricity and pay for water and yet those are basic needs that don’t need to be bought. We all pay taxes unemployed or employed. We need to question what the government is doing with the taxes that we pay”.

Part of the Manifesto under Local Government Elections is that Us The People will immediately review and challenge all policies, regulation programs that have detrimental effects on the lives and well-being of the people of Johannesburg.

‘The people of Johannesburg should not be subjected to national and provincial legislation that compromises individual freedom and rights’.

“Us The People condemns and opposes the genocide experiment disguised as vaccines rollout throughout the world”, said Mokwena waMathole.

“We demand the end of lockdown imposed by the national government and vaccine passport placed to be used to control access and movement of people”, Mokwena waMathole added as he addressed the people.

Tshereletso Mati Spokesperson of Us The People, took the address to the next level. He shared on pressing matters that subject people to be reliant on the state for basic survival needs.

“We want people to be able to establish jobs for themselves, not to go around looking for jobs to sustain the state to only get wealthier and yet people remain suffering”, said Mati.

‘The Education system itself doesn’t serve anyone, however it teaches our children to be subjected to slavery’.

‘Furthermore people have lost jobs, means to survival and the national government continues to oppress the citizens of this country by placing vaccine policies that indirectly force them to take vaccines against their will’. 

‘These policies which restrict people to have freedom of movement is exactly a silent apartheid movement that deprives and takes away Human Rights’.

“US The People – our only mission is to restore what is rightful and just for us as the people of Johannesburg. We are not going to promise Economical freedom however we want to restore the freedom of life and free will, having the ability to be ourselves and live without relying on the government,” Mati concluded.

Thato Mofokeng is a freelance journalist