“Success is not counted in rands and cents, success is counted in how much have I achieved”


Soweto—On Friday, August 09, Mzansi Financial Education and Media in partnership with Vatika Afro Naturals and Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) hosted Beauty, Bubbles and Business seminar at 7166 Vilakazi Street in Orlando West.

The event was centred on business advice and tips on maintaining growth and consistency within the business. Unpacking the pros and cons in the business industry was the award-winning financial broker, Martine Solomon, the hair care expert and stylist to the stars, Emelang Moyo and the body positivity activist and entrepreneur, Noluthando Nkosi. Unpacking the takes into getting in the business, Martine Solomon shared that
I make a decision, and once you make the decision it then takes an action because making a decision is not good enough. So if you’re not going to put the action behind that decision, it’s not going to happen.

Solomon’s sentiments were echoed by Noluthando Nkosi who demanded that
There is no formula that one can follow in order for a business to happen, you just need to work at it. With everything that I’ve done, I never thought I would be on television or radio. All these things that I am doing now are based on the decisions I made and ran with.

Nkosi also proceeded to emphasise the inaccuracy of the perception many people have with regards to business ownership and entrepreneurship being for certain individuals. Haircare expert and stylist, Emelang Moyo, on the other hand, chronicled her journey to the current state of her career, emphasising the importance of following your calling more than anything else.