Author of the week: Simphiwe Molaba


Although it seems but a pipe dream to many, over the last few decades, a variety of self-published authors have gone on to experience mainstream success. Simpiwe Molaba is one of these authors that are experiencing mainstream success as after only publishing her first book ‘Siya & Fifi’s love story‘, she already sees not as a career but a calling, in telling her stories she is living her purpose.

After being rejected by publishers, I knew that I had no choice but to go at it alone. I had a vision and I  wasn’t going to let anyone stand in the way of it. So researched different ways to publish and found other authors such as Busisekile Khumalo who helped me into my journey of self-publishing and this story came about after I had a break-in at my house. A neighbor called a friend of Hera who is a cop and when he arrived he looked nothing like the normal SAPS officers.  That’s where the idea of “Siya” came from “, said Simphiwe

Simphiwe is an author that is driven by purpose as she says that there’s the importance of following your purpose in life regardless of challenges that may come as a result,
Fulfilling your purpose will open up more doors for you than just using it as a career”.

This is evidenced by the data, according to, independent publishers are gaining readers as quickly as traditional publishers are losing them but one of the biggest issues they are faced by is piracy. Simphiwe says that it is not necessarily people being selfish and greedy but rather lack of knowledge as to the amount of work put into self-publishing.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where piracy is rife. I think all authors are trying to educate readers about piracy, but at the moment it is a battle we are losing. People making PDF copies of my book. I don’t think people understand just how much goes into self-publishing. When they copy your book and send it out it not only hurts emotionally but financially as well” she said.

In the spirit of serving and empowering others, Simphiwe is at a place where she can impart her knowledge and experience into those who believe they want to get into self-publishing; “At the moment I am not mentoring Anyone. My details are available on my social media and I help per request.

The book is a must-read and is available on all major book platforms as well as digital platforms.

By: Bradley Brizzy