SABC Education launches Campaign against Femicide, Rape


The SABC Education has launched a campaign to raise awareness and drive public education focusing on the scourge of Femicide and Rape, that continues to haunt our country. Central to the campaign is the reality that on a daily basis, South Africans deal with the horror of rapes and murders that affect primarily, women and the girl child. 

As the country’s public service broadcaster, the SABC plays a pivotal role in ensuring that citizens are empowered with valuable information, to create awareness regarding various social ills, and influence their behavior. As such, this campaign is aimed at encouraging the public to participate in building a safe environment for all citizens, and for women and children in particular.

As SABC Education, we view rape and femicide as enormous threats to family and social stability. They are devastating and tear into the very fabric that holds the society together. As a public broadcaster, we have a role to play in heightening citizen consciousness on this matter.”  stated Ms. Phathiswa Magopeni, the Acting Group Executive for Television.

Ms. Magopeni further stated that “SABC Education will drive awareness throughout the year, and invite other like-minded organizations to join in the fight against this corrosive epidemic. The dignity and safety of women and children are at the heart of the fight against gender-based violence, and citizens have a critical role play in it.

The year-long campaign will drive public participation through targeted content on television, radio, and digital platforms.