POWA beautifies GBV survivors


People opposing women abuse (POWA) has been serving the country by protecting and providing safety for women who are survivors of gender based violence.

This time POWA has done more than just offering support and safety but now focusing on how to give survivors a new start in life and finding their own independence. 

POWA teamed up with Rabboni Beauty Salon to give beauty skills for survivors to empower them and give them a possibility to start their own businesses.

Rabboni Beauty Salon Owner and Founder Carol Montsho facilitated the skill development program with seven survivors from POWA.

“Beauty technicians deal with a lot, my job is to transform people’s confidence because when people feel good they do good. However in my field I end up becoming a counsellor to my clients”, said Carol.

“People come to get pampered but have a lot going on and in need of a safe place to offload. I believe sometimes I feel like they just come to see me rather than the best beauty services that I offer to them”.

Carol shared more on her own personal life and challenges but emphasized how God has been the centre of her life and kept her and her business running smoothly.

She first started her lessons on nail techniques, lashes and then ended with wig making. These were basic skills which all the ladies who attended enjoyed and were happy with Carol’s work and simple explanations and lessons.

One of the survivors Jabu who is already in the beauty industry stated, “I’m happy with the skills development that POWA has organised for us as survivors of abuse”.

She continues: “I learnt new tricks and new ways of doing things. Although I didn’t know much about wig making which was one of the hardest on my course but I came up on top. We were all helping each other and we had Carol to thank as she assisted us through all the steps and she is fun. She always managed to cheer us up; it made it easier to get to the finish line”. 

Carol shared tips on how to run a business, marketing strategies and business secrets that should keep you special as a business.

“I always make sure that I stay relevant and consistency is key, you can’t run a business chasing wealth and being greedy will kill your business. When running a business in beauty you work mostly with single mothers and working mothers as well. You must bear in mind that everyone deserves to be beautiful at affordable prices. That way those who are unemployed get to afford your beauty services”, said Carol with a humble smile and jolly laughter.

On the last day of the course the team got a photo-shoot and interviews with Thandiwe MacCloy who is POWA’s media and project manager.

Carol Montsho took her students on an outing and handed them with their certificates.

“I’ve never been so proud, I know I train a lot of students all around Gauteng however this is different. Knowing that as woman you walked away with skills that will make your life better and be independent am happy to say I have served my purpose, am truly blessed that God gave me this task”, stated Carol showing a very proud smile.

By Thato Mofokeng

Thato Mofokeng: SA Positive News journalist