OPINION| We are back at Ancient Modern Era

Nyiko Bembani

Joel Netshitendze, Blade Nzimande and Defend Our Democracy grouping inclination are a manifestation of a WITCHCRAFT CORE, in the 15th and 16th century during the reign of Elizabeth the 1st, it is believed that evil forces of distraction and deception use to gather in secret for a common purpose, sowing social destruction, calamity and mass deception.

The events over the past weeks have confirmed to us all that history never die but reincarnate itself, hence the rebirth of a witchcraft core in South Africa, somewhere in the wine land of Stellenbosch farms, witches gathered themselves using the National Agenda as cutlery for their evil plotting.

It was no surprise that the so called Save South Africa now turn Defend Democracy had a joinder in Blade Nzimande Cult called Central committee and Joel Netshitendze who was mandated to cast his spell all over the nation through his evil pen.

Nothing just happens, and there is no such a thing called coincidence more special on the issue of National Agenda, we have for years known through various schools of thought that a state is a contested terrain, so all forces gather in all their gathering to put their claws on the state jar, however many of us were not ready for the re-emergence of Witches of Essex.

South Africa must move away from the Zuma error, Zuma was surgically removed from power by Ramaphosa in 2018, its now three years down the line and we cannot be stuck on Zuma, simple because we cannot draw a National Vision that can gather our people toward a common purpose.

The NEC term of office is only left with a year and few months, the big question is what will be Ramaphosa’s legacy as the President of the ANC when his term ends, what political direction  would he have offered both the ANC membership ( except a letter accusing the ANC as an accuse number one) and society at large except incoherent messaging where any NEC member speak at will without following a particular organizational discipline, the least said about implementing of ANC conference resolutions the better.

Let’s speak the truth without fear for the truth shall set us free, Ramaphosa came into power as the President of the ANC early in 2018, he is 4 years now at the helm as the state President, it’s very difficult to point to one clear programme that the Ramaphosa administration has launched, maybe a laughable joke called District Development Model, something which some are convinced the President himself does not understand. How do you shift government’s problems to local sphere of government when in each report the Auditor General has bemoaned the fact that local sphere of government is marred with lack of critical skills to run government and there is a permanent absence of political management hence no oversight and proper financial control and management?

We have witnessed political circus from the present cabinet ministers who instead of doing their work are either breaking lock down rules, playing like kindergarteners on Twitter with clear disregard of executive decorum.

We have witnessed a miraculous vanishing of billions through PPE corruption yet no important arrest was made.

Well, as they say the more things change, the more they remain the same.

By Nyiko Bembani

Former YCL district Chairperson

Former ANCYL Sub regional Secretary

Current ANCYL PEC / PWC member

Current MMC responsible for Sports, Arts and Culture

I write in my own capacity as the son of my Father.