Opinion | SAPNPolitics: SA has a race problem not a class problem


The existence of the South African Communist Party is cemented in Marxism which seeks to oppose Capitalism. Karl Marx ideology locates our challenges in capitalism but excludes racism. The ideology of Marxism or communism doesn’t resolve our problems as the Black Society in Africa and South Africa in particular. Capitalism is not our enemy because a Black Capitalist still suffers and endure the same challenges as that of a Black Marxist. The former Tanzanian President Benjamini Mwaka once said that Communism exploits people the same way Capitalism does, and concluded by saying that there is no better system.

The Africans in South Africa have been duped into slogans such as ‘white monopoly’ capital as a source of our suffering; with these slogans, systematic racism is not mentioned as a source of our problems. The slow pace of transformation; redress and restoration of land to its rightful owners is never mentioned. Whilst Blacks are inclined in slogans; nearly 75 per cent of the land in the country is in the hands of whites and foreigners such as Chinese who own vast land in the country. There is few South African Blacks if none who own land in Europe; the Americas or Asia.

The Narrative and debates which stir Blacks into the right direction are always interrupted by right-wing elements that has control of resources and direct our politicians. The Black politicians who get the ticket to the political office through Black people votes do not serve the interest of the voting majority but that of whites not the imaginary white monopoly capital as some would claim.

It is a racial problem that Banks like FNB would have different rates for Blacks in Home loans and give whites lesser rates. It is racism that causes over 12 Million Black people to be on welfare. Who owns the financial institutions? who owns the mineral resources?
Who control the narratives and sway the debate in this country? Those who, when their profits are touched to have the audacity of threatening the President when he tries to save the majority of Black people from a deadly global pandemic. We know that white men have a voice and protect each other. It is no coincidence that pension candidates politicians like Helen Zille woke up from slumber after tobacco was banned. It threatens the pockets of the white Business; so the white cabal had to come in full force. Folks like Peter Bruce; De Vos and the notorious Max Du Preez had a share of their protection for white interest. We must never be fooled into believing theories of white monopoly capital; its systematic racism which benefits and protect whites businesses. In COVID 19 how many white people have received food parcels? They probably didn’t receive any because they don’t need food parcels. The system has reserve enough for them.

By: Ntsako Shivambu