OPINION | Ramaphosa must resign over handling of pandemic


South Africa cannot afford a leader who tries to make everyone happy. It needs a leader who understands that leadership is decision making not pleasing people.

The tragedy of Ramaphosa leadership is flip-flopping and indecisiveness coupled with trying to emulate Mandela. He has branded himself as a leader who consults and this has been catastrophic especially in managing COVID 19. He has pushed the interest of lobby groups and ignored scientific evidence; and the increase in a number of COVID 19 infections.

Ramaphosa has been protected by the mainstream media and has in many instances dodged taking questions from journalists and they have made it difficult to question some of their statistics and the reporting.

The virus has exposed the dysfunctional government system and in so doing robbed people of information. In an ideal world; it should be easy for community members to get graphical information of the infected in their neighbourhood so that they can easily avoid contact. The report leaves so much to be desired and like a herd of goats, many journalists have become dramatists who beat the drum for the mad man to dance.

It is irresponsible to close schools at few cases and low daily infections and decides to open them when there is over 20 000 cases and an average of 600 cases a day. Majority of our infections are community contacts from funerals and some churches but the president has decided to classify churches as essential. What kind of God are people worshiping who needs to be worshiped by groups in designated buildings? Can’t people worship their deity at the comfort of their home?

Why do you need churches, synagogues, mosques and temples to worship God? The fact that some charlatans masquerading as men of God are complaining of hunger because they cannot swindle cash from the unsuspecting worshipers can never be a reason enough to open churches.

COVID 19 needs proper leadership, not a people pleaser; it must be clear that any death and infections from churches should be blamed on Ramaphosa. The President was given the mandate to lead a country but he has delegated that mandate and responsibility to business owners and religious leaders.

The ANC should equally be blamed for letting Ramaphosa and his cohorts risk the lives of our people. If indeed ANC is the leader of society; it should know that majority of those who voted it into power need leadership and leaders who will take decisions that will protect the people.

The danger of leadership that is religious; and draws its leadership skills from religion is populism and wanting to make everyone happy. If you want to make everyone happy sell ice cream and forget about leadership and decision making. Cyril Ramaphosa will be recorded in history as the most indecisive President of our time. He will be remembered for pleasing minority by risking the lives of the majority.

By: Ntsako Shivambu
Ntsako Shivambu is a journalist and an activist.