OPINION: History is on the side of the Chief Justice

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

The Annexation of west Bank is necessary for the restoration of the land of the Jews. In history nations have fought to restore what was taken away from them. We can no longer debate the issue of land and not consider the realities of the Jews as a nation and their survival. 

The Book of Genesis from the Bible which predates the Koran, first mentions Israel in reference to Jacob and that is symbolic as it affirms the existence of the Holly land which God has allocated to his people. And He said, thy name be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as Prince hast thou power with God and with men,  and hast prevailed.

Africans have for decades fought against those who stole their land, to be restored in the land of their ancestors. LAND is life and those who were robbed and had their land taken by others have the right to fight to restore their land; why are the Israelites criminalised for annexing the land which God has promised them and belong to them as per the scriptures which have thousands of years in existence. We cannot deny the Jews the birth rights to West Bank and other area which are now known as Palestine, a name that existed after Colonialism of the Brits.

No scripture in the Bible or Koran recognises Palestine. The Muslim have Islamic states in Africa, Europe and Asia but seems to be aggrieved with a single Jewish state in the whole world. Organisations that sponsor propaganda against Israel will never tell you of how children are armed with bombs and threatened the lives of the Jews. They never report that in Israel Muslims and Christians are allowed to practice their religion. A Christian cannot practice his or her religion in Saudi Arabia, how many reports of Islamists in Mali, Kenya, Sudan and Somali do we get of Africans mowed down because of their refusal to join Islam. What happened to Timbuktu and the history that dates centuries which were destroyed by Islamists who are intolerant of other religious beliefs?

We as Africans still carry wounds of Arabic slave trades and Colonialism. How did Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya lose its original inhabitants, should the Jews surrender their land like Africans who surrendered Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libya to the Arabs?
What are those who call Israel apartheid state saying about Western Sahara, what are they saying about the inhumane conditions and persecution Black people are subjected to in Papua Guinea?The Chief Justice’s voice is the voice of many of us who understand that Israel is symbolic and important to us Africans and Christians in particular.

By Ntsako Shivambu, a Journalist and an independent thinker.