Mas4Tres igniting love for Maths & Science

Mas4Tres - Chasing Ends, Founder Thabang Masimong tutoring students

“Maths and Science has to become a culture…”

Mathematics and science are one of the overlooked subjects that very few

in our society study or talk about in order to innovate science

evolution in our country.

Mas4Tres – Chasing Ends, Founder Thabang Masimong who is based in Soweto

runs a Maths and Science tutorial. He teaches the most interesting day

today use of Maths and Science – not paid attention to –

however, applied by most people everywhere, every day.

“I grew up with the curiosity and love for maths and science and through

believing that maths and science could open up a new world revenue of

invention and revolution in technology.  I studied more and left the

stereotype that has blinded the youth. They believe it’s hard and

difficult until I discovered that you need to be patient with yourself

and regular practice can actually make you perfect. Perfection takes

time, I didn’t become a master overnight”, said Thabang.

Being exposed to the struggles of young black graduates who studied

maths and science he later realized that black society is

far behind with resources and engineering. For instance, in schools the

level of higher grade maths has its own grades of which maths literacy

is considered the simplest that most students resort to.

“Maths and Science has to become a culture, said Thabang as he continues

to share how and where he applies mathematics and science to empower his


“I also do agriculture and I’ve partnered with an NGO – Batho Pele

within my community. This project started back in 2018 and still going.

Agriculture is life, we need food mostly more than we need maths and

science although with the right methods applied including maths and

science more can be achieved, stated Thabang.

Thabang explains, the disadvantage of farming is, time – making reference to the food

processing methods which are commonly used to speed up the natural

process of harvesting. Preferably the natural formula is the best and

provides organic harvest. Nitrogen is more like the ecosystem food chain

supply from your vegetable to the soil and vice versa. For instance

potatoes can grow on their own, only when the soil is well taken care

of, if they don’t have space and squeezed by the hard damaged soil the

seeds don’t have room for growth, that’s where the photosynthesis system

comes in.

“Mas4tres is meant to bring back the love for mathematics and science in

all aspects you can think of; therefore, I strongly believe that one day

I will create an invention that will change the world,” with a smile

Thabang concluded.

Tutorials are offered for free for schools to encourage students to

study maths and science. Group classes are held at the Box Shop in Vilakazi

street, (Saturday and Sundays rate – R500 for eight hours). Private

classes rate is R150.

By Thato Mofokeng

SA Positive News