Mahlasedi Foundation beams hope on the less fortunate


Mahlasedi Organisation an NGO based in centurion Irene, aimed at uplifting others ,from the less fortunate to the abused hoping to changing their lives for the better.

With their drives throughout the year,they have managed to help people have hope on life, with their four projects they are able to cover all people from all walks of life and ages, Adopt A- Scholar ; Buckets of Hope ; Beautiful ;Mercy.

Mahlasedi projects
Adopt A- Scholar provides primary school children in some of the most impoverished areas with stationery pack and school photos in January, Easter treats in April, a warm blanket in June and as we head towards the end of the academic year, they came with their Christmas drive, bringing smiles to the faces of these young kids in less fortunate primary school such as Happiness primary school where they this past week. Educational toys, coloring books to name a few of the Christmas gifts.

Buckets of Hope assists some of the primary schools in the most disadvantaged communities of South Africa with a nutritious hot meal for these pupils – currently serving 4000 meals daily for the duration of the academic calendar year. ​Buckets of Hope further provides impoverished households with groceries and cleaning aids throughout the year, heading towards the festive season they are preparing buckets of hope to the less fortunate to be able to enjoy the festive season just like every other families.

Buckets of Hope

With a very high number of women currently finding themselves in need of support and shelter from partner abuse, Mahlasedi foundation have joined hands with reputable agencies to provide counselling, toiletries and pamper packs through their ‘Beautiful Project.

lastly but not least they have their Mercy Project where they provide weekly visits by their trained volunteers as well as occasional toiletry packs to a local women’s prison.

By: Bradley Brizzy