Magaliesburg Elder Caring for Kids

Mma Moruti Molefe devotes her time to caring for kids in her community

“Children are my calling and I am passionate about what I do…”

Quietly cuddled on her couch with a blanket, and tuned to the news as she is intrigued by what is happening in the world today. A heart of gold she has as her face brightens when she tells her beautiful story of how she began her journey of being a mother of the community.

72-year-old Mma Moruti Molefe, as she is known, runs a centre which assist kids and the elderly. She started all this in 2006 when she had three children whom she assisted with their school work.

“I started this in an RDP house, where the children would come and we would do their homework together, and I didn’t want them to leave on an empty stomach so I gave them soup after every lesson of the day”.

Mma Moruti Molefe started with only three children and due to the exquisite work she was doing, the number of children grew and the RDP house which they worked in was not spacious enough. She then went an extra mile and contacted the local social worker to assist her with a place where she can carry out the initiative.

The centre Mma Moruti Molefe runs

“Children are my calling, and I am passionate with what I do” she further states. With sadness in her eyes she speaks about her late husband’s passing in 2015 and how it had affected her, but she didn’t let that stop her. She is a woman of prayer so she believes that she can conquer through prayer.

As an elder herself, Mma Moruti Molefe also assists other old people as well. They meet every Friday where they exercise in the morning and they have talks about everything that’s happening in their daily lives. After the interaction they receive soup and bread which is sponsored by the local NG Kerk. She is sponsored by the local farmers around Magaliesburg, NG Welfare, local councillor as well as the community at large.

Sadly, the Covid pandemic has affected them a lot especially the elders. They don’t come as often as they used to due to the regulations that need to be followed. “I opened this centre because I love it, there may be competitors who want to compete with me but this is my calling and I am doing it from the depth of my heart”, she passionately adds.

Mma Molefe’s passion for the kids and elders is just breathtakingly beautiful, and she would gladly appreciate any donations offered.

Contact details: Mma Molefe 072 239 4688

By Boitumelo Makutulela

Boitumelo Makutulela is a freelance journalist