#KFCProposal: South Africans donate to dream wedding after viral video


People in South Africa have been offering to help a newly engaged couple have the wedding of their dreams after a video of the proposal at a KFC restaurant went viral on social media.

The video shows a man kneeling on the floor and presenting a ring to his partner over dinner at a KFC restaurant.

KFC South Africa shared the video and asked for help in finding the couple.

The post was retweeted more than 13 000 times, and the hashtag #KFCProposal started trending.

#KFCProposal that went viral

One Twitter user on Fridy then said he had spoken to the man in the video, named Hector Mkansi, who said they wanted to have a wedding but he and his fiancé didn’t have the means.

South African social media users then began donating everything needed to make their dream wedding possible – including food, outfits, entertainment and even the honeymoon.

While some of the country’s businesses have now also offered to help create an unforgettable wedding for the pair, it is ordinary South Africans that many are applauding.

Many say the story has been a reminder of the country’s sprit of Ubuntu – the notion that we exist to be in service of each other and in community with one another.

Source BBC