Known for trafficking drugs to foreign countries through her dreadlocks, Nolubabalo ‘’Babsie’’ Nobanda is finally returning home by the 27th of August this year.

It is alleged that Babsie has obtained an early release from Bangkok’s Klong Prem Prison, Thailand after being caught carrying 1.5kg of cocaine mixed with baking powder hidden within her dreadlocks at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, December 2011.

Initially, her sentence was supposed to be 30 years however due to her confession in admitting to her crimes her sentence was reduced to 15 years. Her sentence was further reduced to two and a half years because of the Thai king Maha Vajiralongkorn’s general amnesty and was due to be released in 2024 instead of 2026.

Babsie made her appearance at the Nelson Mandela University Chapter of Amnesty International through a pre-recorded video in Thailand.

According to Dispatch Live, the 31-year-old expressed her views and experiences of Human Trafficking in order to raise awareness.

She also stated that many drug smugglers only do what they do in order to support their families’ and give their children a life they truly deserve. Babsie wants to join forces with people who are willing to put end to drugs in a variety of communities.

A fellow former drug smuggler or mule, Nontando Pendu who recently returned home after a decade in prison told Dispatch Live how she was persuaded by a family friend to take up a job offer in another country.

Pendu warns young women to never take up jobs which sound too good to be true because most likely they are. Pendu previously worked as a retail store assistant in Port Elizabeth. She shared a cell with Babsie and considered her like family. Pendu was excited when she heard the news of Babsie returning home end of this month.