CONCERN| Giyani Potholes more deadly than COVID-19


A week ago, a bus overturned and killed two bread winners, 17 bread winners including students were severely injured in Giyani Sam Road just a week after a woman driver lost her life in the same road. 

The potholes on the road which was built almost a decade ago with poor workmanship is counted amongst many other roads in Greater Giyani Municipality that weekly suck lives out of the people. The Phalaborwa Giyani Road via Makhuva is the most notorious with high number of fatalities recorded in that road almost weekly.

The latest deadly accident in the road killed a taxi driver and two other passengers when the truck carrying sand plunged into a huge potholes, lost balance and was thrown off into the path of the taxi. The Frightening death toll from the roads in Giyani moved the local Traditional leader of Nkomo village Hosi Mahumani to raise the concern with the Provincial authorities who for years have ignored many concerns of the community in Giyani. 

Roads in Giyani are of sub standards due poor monitoring when such roads are built, chief in the process is rampant corruption in tendering and those who heavily benefit from kickbacks. 

How many lives should be lost until someone realizes that the town is neglected and nobody cares? 

By Ntsako Shivambu 

Image: Letaba Herald