Angie Camp Institute Empowering Youth, Women through Skills Development


Angie Camp Institute (ACI), a non-profit organization founded by Angie Camposreal, is dedicated to empowering youth and women through skills development and training. With a focus on upskilling and reskilling, ACI aims to address the significant skills shortage and high unemployment rates in South Africa and across the African continent.

Angie Camposreal, a seasoned project manager and entrepreneur, has over two decades of experience in the building construction and electrical industry. She has successfully managed multimillion-rand projects in the Solar PV and renewable energy sector and has established herself as a specialist in pharmaceutical and clean room facilities.

In addition to her project management expertise, Angie is a published author and has developed her own training materials. She is a sought-after public speaker and motivator, having hosted radio talk shows, television appearances, and live seminars and conferences. Angie has also conducted leadership training and empowerment programs for women and youth in various African countries, including an invitation from the tribal Queen and Office of the President in Ivory Coast, West Africa, to advise on pharmaceutical buildings in rural villages.

Angie Camposreal, of Angie Camp Institute (ACI), observed a significant skills gap and lack of basic literacy during her travels across Africa and work in South African townships. This motivated her to establish ACI, aiming to address the prevalent skills shortage among young Africans. The institute’s core vision is to create opportunities for youth development and upskilling through soft and hard skills training, learnerships, and job placements. Additionally, ACI focuses on empowering women in the workplace and providing new job opportunities.

As a Level 1 BEE company, ACI’s directorship comprises mostly previously disadvantaged women. The institute has implemented various outreach programs in rural South African townships, where the need is most pressing. In 2023, ACI organized a Youth Celebration in the rural Vosloorus, Germiston, attracting 200-250 youth from different townships. The event featured workshops on financial management, learnerships, psychosocial health, and personal wellness. Between 2018 and 2020, ACI provided leadership training to institutions in rural Gauteng townships and conducted financial management workshops across several rural regions.

ACI is currently in discussions with DEVAC in partnership with Gautrain through the DEVAC YOUTH SUMMIT 2024 for learnership programmes for the youth. The DEVAC YOUTH SUMMIT 2024, is a triannual event that offers inspiration and guidance to South Africa’s young generation across various industries. The summit, taking place on the 20th June 2024 at the Soweto Theatre, aims to arm aspiring individuals with the knowledge, skills, and resources essential for successful careers.

ACI is also currently in discussions with DEVAC to establish youth centers across Gauteng and South Africa, equipped with, but not limited, to computers, furniture, WIFI, and SETA-accredited trainers. These centers will provide skills training and practical work experience for learners and will also look at creating employment opportunities for previously disadvantaged women and the disabled through facilitation and assessor training and accreditation.

This programme in collaboration with DEVAC in partnership with Gautrain will ideally be launched in 2025 for the first year and would look to expand beyond Gauteng from 2026.

ACI emphasizes the importance of leadership and skills development in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. ACI, together with its partners, is committed to making a meaningful impact on the lives of young people and empowering them to succeed in their chosen fields.

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